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Full-body Swedish & Deep Tissue Massage

90 minutes - £60

First appointment will require additional 15 minutes for consultation

This treatment may include some fascia informed bodywork but we will discuss this on the day of your treatment - if you want to read more about what this involves please click here

My aim with this massage is to target the main areas of tension that you have identified but also working the rest of the body to ensure maximum relief. It is unlikely that you will require deep work every-where so this massage is a combination of Swedish massage, deep tissue and joint mobility to ensure full range of motion is achieved.


If you are suffering with chronic pain please refer to my advanced body work treatments 


Deep Tissue massage can be a specific help to:


Athletes or occasional sports enthusiasts

Individuals that perform repetitive work that cause considerable strain on muscles and joints

Individuals who suffer from stress


That said, deep tissue is aimed at everyone. Most people develop negative postural habits. This is because of repetitive activities or mental and emotional influences on the body.


If you are unsure which method of treatment you would benefit from, please get in touch. You can call me for an informal chat on 07815 169507 or drop me an email to

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