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About me 

Bonnie Thirlaway

Hello, my name is Bonnie, welcome to my website. I am a Massage and Bodywork Therapist based in Andover, Hampshire, UK and specialise in Trauma Informed bodywork (more about this further down). I am a mum of boys and I have a busy, active life, but I always make time for myself and believe this to be essential to my health and wellbeing.


Before having children, I ran a very successful restaurant and took great pride in the service, food and experience provided to my customers. We were highly regarded and won awards for the quality and outstanding service - I had a huge sense of achievement and knew from then I was destined to provide a service to others that resembled the way I value myself and life.

I began my bodywork journey in 2018 where I trained with the School of Bodywork in Exeter, Devon. I have continued with my studies over the years to explore different modalities such as Swedish, Deep Tissue, Myofascial release, Women’s health scar tissue release,Pregnancy massage and am currently studying advanced level 4 Remedial Massage. My love grew for exploring the mysteries of the human body and how to work with each client intuitively became an integral part of how I work. I have found myself becoming more in tune with ‘listening’ to the tissues within the body and being guided by what I am feeling and how the tissues respond. The more I ‘listened’ the deeper I was able to facilitate change within the deeper restrictions of the body. It became incredibly clear to me that the body had a way of holding onto our history and there was much more involved than the physical imprint alone of an injury.



I have always tried to live with a holistic approach to my life and truly believe in the body’s natural ability to heal itself when it feels safe and guided with the right tools to do so. With my love of bodywork and my natural curiosity of the innate capacity the human body has to heal itself this led me on to deepen my studies and body listening skills in the world of Fascia (connective tissue of the body). In 2021 my training continued with Emma Gilmore, the founder of School of Bodywork, a highly regarded professional in the field of Fascia and trauma informed bodywork where I graduated in September 2023 with distinction.  There are many links in the roots of Fascia and massage therapy so my progression into fascia bodywork had a similar feel and approach in that the physical, emotional, and mental health are all intrinsically linked. Everything we experience from as far back as our embryological beginnings is held in our fascia, every injury, stress, overwhelm is imprinted in our physiology. Over time this can create restrictions and holding patterns within our fascia, which can compromise the integrity & function, causing further misalignments of the internal structures, thus resulting in more stress, anxiety, and pain.  


The biggest learning for me is witnessing how the body is more responsive and willing to accept change with a far gentler & informative approach. Working in this way has enabled me to treat the root cause of the pain and immobility at its deepest level, restoring health and function to the entire system that provides longer lasting results. With the techniques I have learnt and years of holding a nurturing space I am able to help the body to release these restrictions in a way that empowers my clients and encourage the body to find its own healing wisdom to restore healthier functions. 



Many people come to me for reasons such as chronic pain, musculoskeletal problems, sleeping issues, stress, and stress related ailments such as tension headaches and much more. 


Make an appointment with Bonnie here

I am accredited by the Association of Physical & Natural Therapists (APNT), ThinkTree Hub and a registered practitioner with the British Complementary Medicine Association (BCMA).


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