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Deep Relaxation Therapeutic full-body massage​

1 hour 45 minutes £80



This is a luxurious 1 hour and 45-minute head-to-toe Full-body Swedish massage combined with my Rejuvenating Natural Lift Facial Massage. This massage encompasses the entire body starting from your back and finishing with your face. My aim as always, is to provide you with a safe place completely dedicated to you allowing you to unwind, completely relax, restore and empower your mind and body to completely switch off. Let all the daily worries and stresses that fill your mind melt away and allow your body’s natural path to heal itself finding inner peace and tranquillity. As I work your entire body, focusing on any areas of tension that you have identified I will intuitively work all other areas to help restore balance. Finishing your massage with my Rejuvenating Natural Lift Facial Massage will leave you with a deeper sense of wellbeing, profound relaxation and inner ease.

Deep relaxation Full body Massage
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