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Like no one body is the same, no massage is either and I offer 60- or 90-minute sessions. Your treatment will be unique to you and whether this is your first, or part of a course of treatments I will consider your physical, emotional, and mental state and customise the treatment to meet those needs at that time.

The techniques I use are a combination of Swedish, deep tissue, remedial massage, myofascial release, and joint mobilisation. My aim is to treat the root cause of your problem; by combining my skills I can treat a range of symptoms that include back, shoulder and neck pain. Painful hips, referred pain to the arms and legs as well as improvement to range of movement through the entire body. My advanced techniques can be used to treat ailments such as breathing difficulties, migraines, tinnitus and other pathologies of the head, neck, and jaw.

I never follow a standard routine as my treatments are tailored to you through consultation and regular assessments.  So even if you attend regular appointments and need time for your mind and body to reconnect and switch of from your stresses or worries at that time, I am there to support you.

If this is your first treatment with me, I offer a free 15-minute consultation, and assessment which will be added onto your booking time so please allow sufficient time for this. All future assessments will be including within the booking time.

60 minutes £45

90 minutes - £60



If you require a full body massage I recommend that you book a 90 minute session

How many sessions would you recommend?

This will vary between each individual. For some people, a few sessions may resolve symptoms. For more chronic/deeply ingrained issues, a longer period of treatment is often advised.

I truly believe there are great benefits to receiving massage regularly and to name just a few, such as aiding the reduction of stress / tension and conditions associated to it such as tension headaches. Massage also helps to release endorphins which are your body’s natural mood booster and can lead to a reduction in the symptoms of depression and anxiety. Massage helps Improve muscle memory, circulation and preventing injury. Therefore, improving energy levels, stimulation of the lymphatic system, and lowering blood pressure. Plus tons more amazing benefits!


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Bespoke Bodywork Massage  

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