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Your first appointment

with me

Before your first treatment begins, I will welcome you to a consultation which takes approximately 15 minutes and will be carried out face to face. Please allow sufficient time for this, you will not incur additional charges for this and subsequent treatments will be shorter going forward.  I will take a comprehensive summary of your health and well-being, giving you the chance to discuss any concerns, worries or ask any questions you may have as well as enabling me to get a good understanding of what you need.

I may also carry out a postural observation which allows me to see any physical restrictions that are held in your body - this will be carried our prior and post treatment.


Fascia Informed Bodywork

As part of and before the treatment begins, I will work with you to find an embodied resource which will allow you to feel grounded, safe and able to recognise changes that happen within your fascial system. This is a very profound way of working and can be extremely effective for those that are suffering with chronic pain, emotional suffering and restricted mobility. For you to receive the very best from this treatment it is important that we work together. I will encourage you to feel into your system whilst I am holding position, which can be some time – quite often the longer the hold the better results. With guidance I will enable you to describe any sensations that you are feeling which can be a physical sensation directly where I am working or elsewhere in your body which is perfectly normal – the system is one continuous tissue so where one restriction is held it can often lead onto another area of restriction. I will communicate with you throughout your treatment to ensure you feel resourced should any feelings of discomfort arise.  This is not at all painful, but your body can experience many different sensations, emotions and areas of restriction that can emerge throughout treatment. Often when releasing one area of tension / restriction another area can present itself which is why communication is important. If you have any questions about this aspect of my work, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

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