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Scar tissue relief

Scar tissue is formed as part of the body’s healing process. The density of scar tissue is much greater than other areas of tissue - these tissues can become adhered and stick to each other, as well as adhering to bony landmarks. This can result in pain, discomfort, fertility issues and in some cases a patient’s internal organs (urinary, reproductive and digestive system) may be adversely affected by scar tissue. The techniques I use treat the elastin and collagenous component of the scar tissue, allowing the tissue to release, re-align and re-hydrate. The techniques I use are mostly light and gentle with the aim of reducing pain, improving function, condition, facilitating integration of the scar tissue  and works with the physical and emotional component of the scar. These brilliant techniques will enable me to treat adhesions and scar tissue however old they may be.

It is never too late to start healing a scar

For your first treatment please allow an additional 15 minutes for consultation

1 hour : £45

90 minutes: £60

Restrictions form whenever our body's tissue is damaged through:



Falls: big or small and even as a child

Impact: sports, accidents e.g., Car crash

Surgeries: any type of surgery (even minor) can upset the body’s normal environment and create scar tissue far beyond the incision site. Dehydration of tissues also takes place during surgery

Tears: muscles, ligaments, and tendons

Inflammation: from pathogens, illness, radiation

Repetitive movement: collagen fibres laid down as a protective response

Postural imbalance: as we compensate more collagen fibres are laid down along lines of stress imposed


Possible effects of scar tissue on the system:


Pain and restriction

Affect underlying structures and organs and therefore restrict internal function

Affect nerve function causing numbness, pain and sensitivity

Affect movements of fluids through the body (lymph, blood Etc.)

Restrict movement of the surrounding tissues and organs


The treatments I offer can help address:

Bladder discomfort, urgency and prolapse

Drains sites

Keyhole surgery scars

Uterine issues including prolapse

Episiotomy scar, which often affects the bladder and beyond (external work only)

Caesarean section scar

Scar tissue from assisted vaginal births (interventions can cause scarring)

Scars from Pfannenstiel incision & abdominal surgery eg colon cancer

Scarring and trauma from smear test

As someone who has had 2 emergency caesarean sections I understand how this impacts the physical and mental health and I am beyond excited to offer this to new and existing clients. As always if you have any questions please feel free to get in touch.

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